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Reliable contract manufacturing


Contract manufacturing

Good availability and fast delivery times are important criteria in the manufacture of specialized healthcare products. At Salofa, we want to ensure that there are no obstacles to the implementation of production and deliveries. In contract manufacturing, this is comprehensively visible so that ordering, production, and transport serve both the customer and the environment.



Finnish quality

All our products are manufactured in Salo, Finland. For the finished product, we get parts from our partners from within the same city. Due to short supply chains, we can monitor quality and optimize the various aspects of production. This reduces product waste and reduces the risk of product copying.

Efficient production

We have two fully automated production lines that can be modified according to the requirements of the ordered product. If the product desired by the customer fits the mould used, we can start production quickly in contract manufacturing. In this case, the production does not include the costs of making a mould.

Consideration for the environment

From Salo, we can deliver products to customers near and far. With centralized production, we aim to keep transport emissions as low as possible.

Fast deliveries

We provide you with the healthcare products you need both in small batches as well as in mass production. Because of our flexible logistics we can deliver orders within a few days meaning our customers do not need to store the products themselves.

Certified cleanliness

We only want to offer the best. Our production is based on the standards of the health technology industry as well as the Management System (ISO 13485: 2016) and the Key Flag certificates. Our facilities have a cleanroom of approximately 100 square metres to ensure hygiene during the manufacturing of products. When operating in a cleanroom, our staff wear cleanroom clothing.






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