Salofa Oy – Finnish healthcare technology expertise from Salo


Salofa Oy is a Salo-based company founded in 2013. We manufacture and market high-quality IVD products and tubing for specialized healthcare. Our most important products are substance abuse and drug tests suitable for different purposes, as well as cyanobacteria tests. We have responded to the coronavirus pandemic with the Salocor Covid-19 corona test, which enables rapid testing of the coronavirus. Our premises and warehouses are located in Salo, Finland. This allows us to deliver products effortlessly and quickly all over Finland and abroad.

It all started with availability. The supply of goods is a critical factor in the manufacturing of specialized healthcare products. Just over ten years ago, the sector was burdened by problems of access abroad. That’s why we set up a company without these problems. We have cherished this principle since 2014, when we started production in Salo, Finland. Manufacturing IVD products under our own brand and international expansion are part of our ambitious strategy.

We demand only the best from ourselves and our partners. That is why we can offer high-quality products to both consumers and healthcare professionals in all Nordic countries.

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions for healthcare professionals in the manufacture, sale, and marketing of IVD products. We believe that quality matters in our industry. As a guarantee, we maintain the quality requirements of our production facilities and the certificates of our products.

We value trust and honesty in everything we do. We are continuously developing and improving our expertise in every area of our operations. To achieve this, Salofa Oy is committed to providing its personnel with continuous high-quality training and an advanced working environment. We are a valued and flexible supplier, partner, and employer.